LASER CUT RUBBER 2.5mm Rubber Stamp Material

LASER CUT RUBBER – 2.5mm Rubber Stamp Material

Great for one off projects or fill a full sheet with designs.

Material Thickness
2.5mm thick

Sheet size
Maximum sheet size is 297 x 210mm

Material finish
Green odorless eco rubber that can be engraved for making rubber stamps.

Laser Cutting
Cuts well for simple shapes, not so great for intricate designs.

Raster Etching
Etches small details well, perfect for creating fine detailed stamps. Comes off the laser very dirty/dusty, needs to be scrubbed with soapy water and an old toothbrush but then cleans up beautifully! Scroll down for file setup guidelines.

Protective paper
Not applied

Assemble/glue your own or we can glue for you – email for a quote

FILE SETUP INFO – rubber stamps

Setup your designs according to our fie setup guidelines BUT your file should look like you would like it to stamp (so black etching where stamp ink will eventually be) – our software will automatically flip it and reverse for etching.



Using fonts and line work

Font’s are best kept as bold as possible, minimum .5pt line etching or 1pt line etching for reversed artwork.

Examples of line etching and reversed line etching (file-left / stamp-right)


Examples of font etching with Helvetica font (file-left / stamp-right)


Bamboo OR ACRYLIC backingS for rubber stamps

Backings with a little handle can be made for rubber stamps OR design your own!

I’ve used a 4.5mm bamboo here as a backing. Doubled up so the top one has a hole for the handle.

Example of file setup and finished backing


Our materials are not for sale, they are only for use with our laser cutting service