Eco Friendly Laser Cutting

Here’s how we make our business as eco friendly as possible!

Powered by 100% Green Energy only!

All of the power we need from our business comes from 100% green power, power from renewable sources only such as solar energy, bio-energy, wind energy and wave energy. We choose to get our power from Powershop who topped the Greenpeace green electricity guide.

Our power consumption is offset by solar panels

After moving offices in 2015 we were unable to convince the building strata to allow us to install solar on our new factory rooftop (booo), luckily we already have a 3kw system running in our own home office that feeds mostly back into the grid during the day, this was installed to offset the power consumption of our business and while it’s not a direct solar connection it most certainly offsets our power use.

Sustainable Laser Cutting Materials

All of the wood that we stock for cutting is chosen because it comes from sustainable sources. Some certified, some not but all from managed sustainable forests. We have researched each and every wood and have put all of the information we could gather on each individual material page. Unfortunately plastic is not the most eco-friendly option, so we ask, if you are using a pretty plastic please make sure it’s something that won’t end up in land fill next week but will be treasured for a long time to come.

Reuse & Recycling

Where ever possible we reuse any large offcut pieces for smaller jobs or to cut small jewellery pieces from. Other excess pieces that are still of a good size we give to recycling centers such as Reverse Garbage. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a place that will recycle all our other scraps and wood offcuts…but we will keep looking! Sugestions are more than welcome.


Because we send everything by post or courier they can sometimes have a bumpy ride. In an effort to minimise our environmental impact with excess packaging while still (most importantly) getting your jobs delivered in one piece we use the following materials: MDF or plywood recycled sheets and offcuts to keep things flat and safe for delivery through Australia Post; 100% Biodegradable green bubble wrap; Recycled brown paper wrapping; Cardboard mailing boxes which are completely recyclable (and reusable if you need one).

personal Lifestyle choices

Online Laser Cutting is a small family business. We try to be as environmentally friendly in our personal life as we can in our business, call us hippies, but what we eat, buy and consume and how that effects the environment is very important to us, we also make choices to support other small (usually local) businessses who are also doing good things, rather than big evil corporations who destroy our environment and future.