Lyndsay has spent over 15 years working as a graphic designer and the last 10 years designing for laser cutting, she takes care of quoting, file setups, material advice, machine limitations and other general questions you might, she’s a one woman email answering machine! She will also be quality control and packing up the jobs safe and sound ready for the post!


Ben has 15 years experience as a software engineer, He’s now in charge of sanding, sawing and preping all the materials ready to be cut as well as multi tasking like no man has done before, running our 3 laser cutters! and lets not forget the most exciting part of his day, heading off to the post office!!!

Ponyo & Saski the laser pugs

Ponyo and Saski work as our alarm clock, they have inbuilt puggy sensors that let us know exactly when it’s time to have lunch and then when it’s time to take the post (followed by a walk around the park). They like to greet everybody who comes to the door and generally snooze all day, life is hard when you are a pug.



Together Online Laser Cutting have been designing for and working with laser cutters for the last 10 years. We bought our first laser cutter because we were tired of dealing with laser cutting companies who didn’t care about the quality of the things they were making and who weren’t prepared to deal with small production runs that we needed for our own projects – eventually we gave up looking and started doing it ourselves. Lucky for your it’s MUCH easier than it was 10 years ago.

Now we have our own machine we make a point of only producing jobs to a quality and standard we’d be happy to receive ourselves. We still see lots of laser cutting out there that doesn’t meet our standard, burn marks, charred edges and melted plastic. Most of our designs were teeny tiny and even the laser cutter manufacturers couldn’t see the faults that we could. Hours of tinkering paid off and now we can cut the smallest details with the most perfect precision.

We’re passionate about helping people manufacture their own designs for small run or specialty items – in a world where the majority of things are mass produced it’s always nice to help create something that’s a limited edition!

As we are designers we love working with other designers, illustrators and creative people to help bring their product ideas to life the best way we can. We know how hard it is to deal with larger laser cutting and sign companies who are mostly geared up to do big jobs or huge runs of items – they are never that interested in helping out with just a few pieces, but we are! We are happy to help you with any quantity even if it’s just a one off. We can of course also help you produce larger quantities if you need and still within a great time frame.

Because we’re designers ourselves we know what looks good and can help advise you on how to make your piece look the best it can, we know through our experience what works and what doesn’t and what materials would work best for your design. We can check your files and advise you if there should be changes.

We are an online only business which helps us keep things fast and efficient and we look forward to working with you!