What file types do you accept?
We accept vector files of any format for laser cutting, the laser cutter can only recognise vector files as it needs to use the lines contained in the file to do it’s thing. There are many programs you can use to create a vector file – illustrator, inkscape, autocad, draft sight, corel draw etc. File types we can read include PDF or AI (preferred), EPS, SVG, DXF, DWG. See our file setup section for more details.

What if I only have a drawing or jpg?
We do need a vector file for quoting, otherwise we cannot get an accurate price for you, we have software that we use to work out the cut time (and therefore the price) and this software only accepts vector files.

In some cases for simple designs we can accept a drawing or JPG file and either charge you to re-draw it to a vector file or quote from the jpg. See our help me with my file page to see what we can and cannot convert.

I have a vector file but I’m having trouble adding the red cut line, can you help?
We sure can, please send it through so we can take a look.

Do you have any instructions I can follow to create my design?
Yes we have a few pages with instructions. Please see our file setup pages.

How should I prepare my design?
The laser cutter looks at the different colours in your design and the line weights to work out which areas should be etched and cut. Have a read of our file set-up page for more information on how to set this up.

Can you help me without a vector file? I just want to cut a simple shape?
We have a selection of simple shapes we can cut without you needing to supply a vector file. They can be cut at any size from any material. Please see our simple shapes page and let us know if there is any other shape that might help you out.


How much will my job cost?
Our laser cutting services are priced according to the time it takes to cut on the machine + the material cost, each file will be different so please send through your vector file for a quote.

Can you give me a price without me supplying a file?
No sorry we cannot – we need some kind of file to estimate cutting times and give you the price – even if it’s just a rough file that we can use with our software, otherwise we are just making up numbers and the quote will not be accurate.

Can you give me a price based on previous similar jobs?
Because each file is a different price we can’t estimate prices based on similar jobs we may have completed before, the best thing to do is just send us a file (even if rough) it will give you a good base price to work with.


Can I order a one-off piece?
Yes you can! Prices for a one off sample piece start from $25 + gst.

What payment methods you do you accept?
We accept payments by Paypal and direct deposit and credit cards. Details will be on your invoice.

Can I open an account and pay later?
All orders must be paid for before production starts, sorry we don’t have accounts. If this is a major problem please get in contact.


What is the largest size you can cut?
Our maximum cut size is 900 x 600mm. However some materials are only available in smaller sheet sizes, you can find individual material sheets sizes on the relevant materials page.

What is the thickest material you can cut?
Our thickest material at the moment is 12mm lightweight plywood. No thicker at this time. Please see our materials page for details on the materials we can cut.

Can you laser cut wedding invitations or detailed paper designs?
We can, but our machine does this slowly so we do find that our pricing on paper cutting and detailed invitations works out to be way to high for most people. We are happy to quote on your job though if you have the vector file ready.

Can you etch on both sides of the sheet?
In some cases we can etch both sides of the sheet but the problem is it will almost double the cost of your job as it takes twice as long, it’s also sometimes hard to line up 100% so we would only offer this to approved designs.


Can you cut leather?
Sorry no we cannot cut leather, it makes a horrible smell.

Can you cut metal?
Sorry no, we can’t cut metals, glass or ceramics.

Can you cut my supplied material?
At this time we are only cutting materials from our materials page, mainly because things go wrong we need to be able to re-cut the job if the laser cutter has a tantrum cutting your job (which it does do sometimes).


Can you call me?
Sorry, at this time we ask that all enquires be forwarded through email. We are an online only business and email is our number 1 priority. We do find that most (if not all) issues can be sorted out over email.

Can you give student discounts?
We do not offer student discounts, we try to keep our prices reasonable for everyone.

Can I come to your studio with my material and have you laser cut it?
Sorry at this time we cannot have people visiting our studio.

Where are you based?
We are based in Alexandria/Sydney Australia.

Can I pickup my job?
We don’t offer a pickup service at this time.


How long does it take?
Usually all jobs will be completed and in the post within 24 hours of us receiving payment. However this does depend on the size of the job and how much we have on at the time. If you have a tight deadline, let us know and we’ll do our best to rush things through for you.

Do you ship internationally?
Due to high international shipping costs from Australia we are not currently shipping internationally.

How much is shipping within Australia?
Shipping within Australia is based on weight and size. We try to fit all jobs into express post satchels to save on cost. We can quote shipping costs when you submit your job to us.

Other sizes/weights will be quoted job by job.

What shipping methods do you use?
We prefer to use express post for our delivery method, because it has tracking and will arrive overnight in most places. We can also send larger/heavier jobs by courier to help save you money.

Can you send my job by courier?
Yes we can send on a local same day courier within Sydney or overnight to most major cities – prices are quoted job by job.