Converting your own files to the right format can sometimes be as easy as the push of a button, we have collected some tips below for you. There are lots of ways to convert a non-vector file to a vector format yourself. Here are just a few:

Adobe Illustrator – auto trace

We use the auto trace tool in Illustrator quite a lot. In CS6 it’s called “image trace” and works quite well for converting black and white drawings to vector images. Use the presets and play with the settings to get the best results. These are 2 great tutorials I’ve found for using Image Trace:

Image Trace in CS6

Live Trace – sketch to vector

Websites online that convert to vector for you

If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator you can also use an online service like Vector Magic or Vectorize Images to convert your file to a vector – these work best with clear bold lines (not pencil drawings or photographs) so if you draw up your design in black ink on white paper and then upload to this website then it might be able to convert it for you. They can even hand trace your design for you if the auto trace does not work so well.

Here is an article I’ve found for converting images to vector using different services.

No time like the present to learn a new skill

If you think you would like to learn to use one of the many vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, or Draftsight why not start googling and look up of one of the many tutorials or videos online and teach yourself that new skill? You will save money in the long run in setup fees and will also have total control over the look of your design. You might even find that it’s fun! You can do online courses like the ones at or basic courses at your local community college.

We can Help you with your file

In some cases we can convert clean black and white drawings to vector files for laser cutting. If you are unsure if your file/idea is suitable please checkout this page for more information.