We need a vector file to complete your laser cutting, easy to
follow instructions are below
, but if you do, email us!

What is a vector file

A vector file is a graphics file that contains a vector image, rather than a raster, or bitmapped, image. Shapes and lines make up vector graphics, which are fully scalable images, while raster images are made of pixels and cannot be scaled up without going burry.
Vector files can be created in programs such a Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape (free) or Autocad (+ lots more). There are lots of tutorials on the internet to show you how to use these programs.

How can I tell if my file is vector

Usually the easiest way is to zoom right in on your file, does it go all blurry? then it’s not vector. If it stay a nice clean line then it’s vector.
Vector files need to be DRAWN in the vector program rather than just imported or pasted in there. A jpg, psd, bmp or png file is NOT vector and cannot be used. An AI, EPS, dxf, dwg or PDF (if exported from a vector program) are aceptable formats.

Creating your vector file

The first thing you should do is decide what material you want to cut your designs from, this will dictate your document size – (checkout our materials page for material sheet sizes). Set your file up to the sheet size your materials comes in. You don’t have to order a full sheet of designs, this is just the maximum size it can be (see below for how to best setup your partial sheet).

Draw your design using red, black and blue (explained below) The laser cutter only accepts 3 colours from your files: black = etching, red = cutting and blue = vector etching. Any other colours supplied in files will be ignored.