Bamboo Plywood

LASER CUT BAMBOO – 1.5mm, 3mm 4.5mm or 7mm bamboo plywood

Material Thickness
1.5mm, 3mm 4.5mm or 7mm
(all thicknesses can vary by 0.3mm)

Sheet sizes
900 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 600 x 450mm, 600 x 300mm, 300 x 300mm, 300 x 150mm, 150 x 150mm
(see below for grain directions)

Wood finish
Bamboo plywood is made up of lots of layers of bamboo glued as plywood would be.

Laser Cutting
Bamboo Plywood can be laser cut easily with a light brown edge when cut. It is strong because of the plywood layers. Great for cutting small details.

Etching can be patchy because of the grain, but etches well with good contrast. Minimum line width 0.5mm

Protective paper
Protective paper is applied (front and back) to mask burn marks.

All of our bamboo is FSC certified and originates in China. Bamboo is biodegradable and non toxic. It grows very fast therefore making is the perfect sustainable material.

Bamboo Grain Directions



Our materials are not for sale, they are only for use with our laser cutting service