varnished and unvarnished solid wood

LASER CUT WOOD – varnished and unvarnished solid wood

Material Thickness

Sheet size
600x150mm, 300x150mm (nothing larger available for this wood)

Wood finish
Unfinished and varnished solid wood. Grain runs along the long length of the sheet.

Laser Cutting
Solid woods cut really smoothly and easily, great for small details. Edge cuts with a lightish brown finish. Wood grain along the length of the sheet that can make it fragile, if cutting thin pieces try to make them run the length of the sheet for strength.

Raster Etching
Dark contrast etching, Minimum raster etching line width 0.5mm

Protective paper
Applied front and back so you can simply peal off the burn marks.

Our solid woods come from sustainably managed forests in the USA and is part of the sustainable forestry initiative growing 2.29 trees for every one that is harvested.


Our materials are not for sale, they are only for use with our laser cutting service