The best (most cost effective) way to order simple shapes is to order a full sheet of designs.

Follow these simple steps to make your order

  1. Choose a material – choices are all listed in our materials section
  2. Choose a sheet size you want to order
    150x150mm – max 4 shapes
    300x150mm – max 8 shapes
    300x300mm – max 12 shapes
  3. Choose your shapes to fill the sheet. See our simple shapes page for simple shapes available
  4. Include size details of each piece (width or height)
  5. Include quantity
    Quantities can be given by numbers (approx 12 of each)or fractions (1/4 sheet each)
    or Fill Sheet (even amounts of each shape to fill sheet)
  6. Extras
    If you need holes added – please include for each shape with position of hole
    or etch lines, it would be best to include a drawing if hard to explain.
  7. Email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Examples of simple shapes sheets

150x150mm sheet – maximum 4 different shapes

Example sheet

  1. 30mm cactus with 2mm hole at the top x 2 pairs
  2. 10mm tall drop
  3. 10mm tall pie slice
  4. 10mm tall circle

Laser Cut Simple Shapes

300x150mm sheet – maximum 8 shapes

Example sheet

  1. 20mm (wide) heart 5 – 1 row
  2. 12mm (wide) tulip – 1 row
  3. 20mm (tall) window (2mm hole in top and 3 holes down the bottom) – 1 row
  4. 50mm (wide) smile – 2mm hole in top 2 ends – at least 6
  5. 15mm circle with 2mm hole top and bottom
  6. 30mm (tall) drop with hole in the pointy end
  7. 10mm hexagon to fill in rest of sheet


300x 300mm sheet – maximum 12 different shapes

Example sheet

  1. Half sheet 30mm wide hexagon with 2mm top hole.
    Rest of sheet – fill with equal amounts
  2. 10mm tall hexagon (horizontal line through middle)
  3. 12mm tall apple
  4. 15mm tall pear
  5. 12mm wide heart 4
  6. 12mm scallop

Laser Cut Simple Shapes 300x300mm

just after a rough price?

If you’re not quite ready to decide on the exact shapes yet but would like to know pricing, please send us the material you want to use and predicted sheet size and we can send you pricing.

Email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.